Monday, May 4, 2009


And I ain't just whistlin' Bowie. We've got lots going on here at the Gladstones of Rock. Our Fox the Baby is growing like a weed, making new discoveries daily and, most fun of all, developing a very easy going, fun personality.

Not only has he found both his hands and his feet, he's figured out, at least partially, what he can do with them. With the feet it's 99% the air while being changed, in the tub while being bathed and especially in daddy's stomach just because it gets a good reaction. Now his hands have developed a more sensible use...grabbing! His aim is a bit off sometimes, but once he gets it, he's latched. Lucky for Karla he's not getting too much in her hair (yet), but he'll squeeze your finger a-one good time and loves certain little toys that are just the right size and weight for him right now. He also loves his little lion blanket, which is basically his new best friend.

The other day we were at Trader Joe's and I kept putting items in his lap and Karla would have to go behind me and take them out and put them in the cart. Well, she didn't see me put in a pack of chocolate covered mixed nuts (which are awesome btw) and when we looked down, he was picking them up and looking at them. Don't believe me? See below.

I just weighed him earlier and according to my calculations he's 15.5lbs, which explains A why carrying him in his car seat is more like dragging him. Not sure he's grown much past the 24+ inches from a few weeks ago, but we'll have all the official stats in about 10 days when we take him in for his (eek) 4 month check up.

As for schedules and sleeping, etc, things have been better overall but last week was a bit rough on the sleep department, especially for Karla who is trying to get up with him as much as she can. But we're bathing him about every night and trying to get him in bed between 8 and 9 and typically he settles pretty well.

He's finding his voice these days, experimenting with different sounds and cries and just general racket, which can get pretty loud at times. He's outright laughed at least 3 or 4 times, which is absolutely awesome and I want to say nearly every or every time has been because of Karla. He definitely loves his mama. When she holds him he always looks over at me and smiles and I'm 100% convinced that it's because his mama's got him and he wants me to notice that. When I hold him it's more of a "Yeah, this dude again...hey, mama, come get me!"

He also had his first jaunt out to the zoo last weekend. It really wasn't the best of conditions what with unexpected heat and massive crowds, but we got some fun pictures.

I have to say that as much as I sorta fought it, I've really enjoyed having the iPhone for candid, by the moment shots, especially during the day, that I can then share with Karla, etc. I believe most all of the pix featured here today of courtesy of said device. Go modern technology!

Well, as I said, 4 months check up next week, which means more shots and more tears from mama and cringing from daddy, but he's our tough boy and after an initial squeal will likely settle back into his normal, mellow self.

Ok, I'd better post this while he's asleep 'cos it's close to his next feeding time and Mr. Hyde comes out more often than not at those times. :-)

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