Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3 Months

Here are some of the photos from the recent "photo shoot" Fox had (man, he sounds like a rock star). We had pics taken at our home Saturday. While for most folks, the idea of not having to cart a baby to a studio sounds great - for us messy housekeepers, it was a bit of a work-out. We did our best to make our house presentable in time for the photos. Naturally, he was super smiley BEFORE the photographer arrived. Nick Gilbert and his wife Ashton were so nice and great to work with! Here is their website: www.ncgimages.com. Thanks goes out to Jeff and Michelle for letting us know about Nick. We love the pictures!

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lovely dear juanita said...

These are absolutely amazing! I LOVE them! Fox looks so grown up and is so striking! I'm glad the shoot went well. Can't wait to see what else Nick has captured! He certainly surprised us with our photos of Serif. It's hard to see what photographers see through the lens until you see the final product. How cool.