Friday, June 13, 2008

Other two pix

For the sake of completion and my OCD, here are the other two shots of the FLF (that's Funny Little Frog for those of you joining us late) from today's ultrasound. Only 10 weeks old and already takes a better photo than me.

Friday the 13th

Today, we went to the doc for our very first ultrasound. Before actually seeing the baby on the monitor, it was a vague possibility coupled with sleepiness and discomfort. I must say that even after taking the pregnancy test, it doesn't become tangible until you actually see it. I have to admit I got weepy (but most everything makes me weepy these days).

We are 10 weeks & 2 days along. The baby is almost 2 inches long. It's heartbeat is normal - 174 beats per minute. Drum roll.... the due date is January 7th.

Pretty exciting stuff - check back for more fun baby facts/updates!