Monday, March 30, 2009

10 Weeks In...

Quoting my friend Erin, "So handsome."

Well, we've been as bad about posting post-birth as pre. And so it goes. And it goes well too. Fox is growing and changing daily in ways so subtle and yet overwhelmingly apparent that we sometimes don't realize it until we're already used to it (if that makes sense).

At his doctor's visit last week he was officially 12lbs 11oz and 24 3/4 inches long. He's very tall for his age, I want to say 90th percentile or something. And he gets that honestly from both Karla and myself, so it's pretty much what we expected. He's also a strong little tyke. The doc was very impressed with his ability to hold his head up and his arms/legs out when held in the "airplane" pose.

Aunt Amber

On the home front he's nearly always an agreeable baby. This is my second full week (I think) keeping him on my own while working. He's pretty good with going down or at least being non-fussy and really, he's very independent and enjoys being on his own, though not necessarily alone. If he's in his bouncy seat and smiling/gooing at us, we've had to learn to resist the urge to pick him up and bring that bundle of laughs closer 'cos he inevitably starts to fuss and squirm, "Put me back, man!" Now when he's hungry, sleepy or feeling poorly he's all about snuggles and cradling. And now that he's able to sit up (if I wedge him between some cushions) he really loves to just sit and hang out and watch things around the room. And watching has really been a big change lately. When changing him, he'll follow us around the room while we get him a new outfit, etc, usually smiling the entire time. And that's another thing, he LOVES his changing table. It's definitely his happy place and where I take him when I'm trying to calm him down for whatever reason regardless if he needs changing.

We started "soak" baths about three or four weeks ago and he seems to like them quite a bit. He gets a little squirmy putting most anything over his head, but with most stuff that startles him/makes him cry out, he's usually over it in a second or two and back to cooing or smiling or telling me not to make the diaper so tight this time.


His looks change all the time, even at various angles, but we've pretty much decided that he looks quite a bit like me as a baby (only cute) and a lot like my father, which is amazing in a sad way. We wish both our fathers could have met him down here 'cos they'd have been proud, but we do appreciate them letting him come down here from heaven to be with us.

Ok, I'm gonna cut out the mushy stuff.

I'll be leaving on a work trip on Wednesday and I can honestly say I'm gonna miss the little rascal. My favorite thing each day is when I get him up in the morning, when he's laying there staring at the ceiling and then sees me and smiles. And to me that's a good trade since Karla gets the "get home from work" smile, which is equally good stuff.

Proud mama!

Ok, it's late and I need to go to bed. Holler.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Fox just discovered his feet yesterday. He can spend hours (okay, that's overdoing it) minutes looking at them. He just happened to look down and realize "Huh, these two things are attached to me... Interesting!"

That is all. =)

Oh, and he weighs 12 lbs now and is 24 inches long.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


It's been awhile since I've posted - been busy being a new mommy and just soaking it all in. After reading the blog on baby Jonah, I felt like I should update our blog. Please keep them in your prayers - as I can only imagine the fear and heartache they are feeling right now. Through God all things are possible.

Fox just discovered he has hands this week. I guess that's his newest milestone. He usually just lifts one fist up in front of his face and holds it there for awhile - so completely enthralled. I know his arm has to get tired after doing that for awhile.

Sorry for the short post but I just wanted to say I am so thankful for our little one! I feel blessed and so happy to have him in our lives. I feel like he's enriched our lives for the better. And to think, William and I considered never having kids. Even this early on, I can't imagine not having Fox in our lives. Okay, enough gushing. I guess I'm a bit emotional after reading about baby Jonah.

Goodnight, sleep tight!