Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Tink is a Half

Today, at 8:36AM, marked the official six month point for our Fox the baby. We celebrated by taking him to the doctor for his six month check up, complete with three shots. YEA! The good news is that the doc is just as pleased with his progress as he has been every visit since he saw him at two weeks.

Pre Shot & Post Shot


Weight: 18.5 lbs (75%)

Length: 27.5 in (85%)

Head: 44.7 (75%)

Tastes like Jet’s Pizza

Tink Feet and Turtle Buddy

As promised, he’s developing and changing rapidly, almost daily. One of his most recent accomplishments has been rolling over to his belly…unfortunately he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of rolling back to the other way, and this frustrates him. And frustration is a bit of a key word here. He’s a very observant little dude, watching every move we make, especially when we’re eating (I’ll get to more of that in a moment), and seems to want to sit up, stand up and run around not now, but NOW. The doc says sitting up on his own is right around the corner, a couple of weeks, a couple of days, we shall see. I think he’s got the strength, but not quite the balance based on a few test runs done under controlled conditions. Get the balance right, Fox! (That was for all you Depeche Mode fans out there.)

Car watching at Noshville in the Village

He’s also become Mr. Grabby. We’ve noticed in the past two or three days alone that his accuracy with his hands for what he wants to get a hold of has improved dramatically. And once he gets it…well, if it’s your hair, best be prepared to lose a few strands. When he gets up in the morning and when he goes down at night, he’s all hands, reaching mainly for your face and smiling or cooing and then digging in with his little fingers (and brother, those nails are sharp). Two or three times during a work day when I’ve tried to put him down for a nap that he was fighting, the only way I could get him to settle was to lay down next to him and he immediately reached for my face, put his hand on my cheek and fell asleep within ten seconds. A very odd way to go down, but highly endearing and just as a good an excuse as any to grab a few quick winks for myself as well.

Oh, hi!

We’ve been treated to a variety of new sounds as well. Two of his favorites seem to be the “motor boat” (with spit at no extra cost) and a quick, high pitched “Ee-yah!” that really does ripple the eardrums. He also likes to take a deep breath when he’s extra wound up and give a big, long sigh, but instead of going “down” like normal, human sighs do, the Tink’s sigh seems to increase in volume and tone as he goes. And finally, there’s the low, drawn out grunt, a similar noise to one my grandmother used to make when she was trying to get up out of her chair, and in Fox’s case, he uses it for any time he’s feeling frustrated, anything from not being able to sit up properly like he so desperately wants, to not being fed fast enough.


And speaking of food…let’s get to that right now. We started him on first foods like brown rice cereal, etc around four months and slowly began adding things in from there. At this point he’s tested and approved apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, banana, banana-mango, blueberry-apples and most recently, winter squash. The only thing he hasn’t gone for is peas and avocado. The testing ground is the dinner table, the testing time is just after we eat and Karla is the chief test administrator, while I take note of his reactions and record them for future feedings. At this point he’s eating a fruit or vegetable or a mixture with cereal two or three times a day, along with a bottle or boob (ha, boob) throughout. We’ve also gotten him this little mesh net deal that you stick a piece of fruit in and he can suck out the juice without risk of choking on the pulp, etc. I’m sure all you seasoned parents out there know exactly what I’m talking about, including the proper name (which is not “little mesh net deal”).

Jungle Tink

I guess that’s about it from Tinkville. Check in later on and we probably won’t have posted, but check in a bit after that and maybe we will have.

And oh yeah, he also eats socks.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

He rolled over!

Finally!! He rolled from his back all the way to his stomach today (repeatedly). Now he just needs to figure out how to roll from his stomach to his back. As it stands, much frustration will ensue (for all of us) if he doesn't master that part soon. =)