Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Braxton Hicks in the house!

Hello! Well, Karla had a check up yesterday and everything is still a go (as if there were another option at this point). The doc says that the baby is starting to shift into position and will soon begin his descent down into, er, wherever it is he'll be going and stuff to prepare for the great leap forward.

Also, we have a correction to make...we've been telling everyone that the due date is January 7. However, the doc says that was just the ultrasound due date and she's going with January 12. I still maintain that dude will get here when dude gets here and that's my final word. So, there is that.

As I type this Karla says she thinks she's having Braxton Hicks contractions, which I guess makes sense as that is supposed to be an early sign of effacement. Also, it's an inside joke with us and J & KC Smith when she was pregnant with Hayden.

Well, I'd like to tell everyone to watch Pushing Daisies tonight, 1) because it's a good show but 2) because it's not getting good ratings and deserves them. Of course we're doing our part being a Nielsen Family (oops, I'm not supposed to tell people that).

Ok, it's about to come on and we have every TV in the house set to stun!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Absolutely nothing to report really. I just wanted to prove to myself (and you) that this blog could be updated twice in the same week.

Karla is over her cold pretty much and so feeling good overall. Two nights ago the little dude was squirming enough for me to see him through her belly from across the room. Freaky + Awesome = My Baby. We ordered a book called The Baby Whisperer and it came in yesterday. I have no idea what it's about but Title + Cover = Cheesy Lame. You dig? Maybe Robert Redford will make a movie based on it. Wait, he already did. Ack! (Yeah, I know, not really.)

Today is our second shower and I'm looking forward to getting even more wasted than I did at the last one...wait, I mean, I'm really looking forward to sharing this wonderful moment with friends and family. And yes, even I will have a blood-relation there... (You all thought I was hatched, right?) What up, Amy!

See, this is the kind of stretching it update you get when the postings come this close together. Karla does have a check up on Tuesday (I think), so one of us will probably be back around that time -- or a week later -- with a more worthwhile post.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hello and again, sorry for the lateness of updates. We mean well, we’re even inspired by friends who update theirs so regularly…but alas, what can I say? We don’t suck but we do lag…

At any rate, things are going well. Karla does not have gestational diabetes. It was a bit of a hassle finding out for sure. Apparently if the tests come back negative you’re not supposed to hear from them. Bogus! One never likes to assume these things, you know? No gnus is good gnus? I don’t think so. So, after a couple of irritated calls, Karla finally got the good news. And that was two or three weeks ago…again, our bad…

She had another check up last Tuesday (Election Day) and the doc said things looked and felt great. We asked her about inducing, something we’ve chatted about. Karla doesn’t wanna be hanging out at work or church, etc when her water breaks and deal with all of that. We’re very much creatures of habit and schedule so our OCD would like things to be as orderly as possible…and then after the boy comes out it’ll all go out the window. The doc said within seven days either way of the due date, if things look good and ready, we can plan to induce. And if not…well, I guess she can wear Depends or something.

We had our first of two showers…er, two weekends ago? Man, we’ve really got to get on top of this thing! Ok, anyway…it was a really great time and we again appreciate all the wonderful gifts and time we got to spend with such good friends. We’re truly blessed over here and we love you guys! You all know who you are.

Ok, before I start getting sappy over here…

Karla is actually feeling pretty peppy in the last trimester, and really the only thing holding her back is a rotten cold that she may have gotten from me (whoops). Her only other complaint would be pain in her “swim suit” area, which the doc says is just her body adjusting for delivery. Turning over at night and getting out of bed to hit the head (which she really doesn’t do very often) has become a bit of an involved situation, but luckily I sleep through most of it, so no worries guys. She’s got a cute “little” baby bump going on and looking at her stomach, it almost looks fake, like a big piece of skin colored plastic, which is a bit freaky. She can now stick her tummy through a door before the rest of her comes out, and that is funny stuff. And as for movement, the funny little frog squirms and punches and kicks and even hiccups pretty regularly. She’s seen him moving a few times beneath her shirt, something I’ve not had the nerve to try and check out yet… “Aliens” anyone?

Well, dinner is close to being ready (broccoli cheese quiche!!!), Karla is playing Ms. Pacman on her iPhone and I’m listening to The Stone Roses while typing this up. It’s a perfect 21st century family setting; all we need is the little guy.

Aight, we’ll holler soon!