Saturday, January 10, 2009

If you want an update (you got it)

Yes, we’ve been rotten about updates. But honestly, there’s been nothing to tell. Karla has been dilated less than a centimeter without change for about the past three or four weeks. Last weekend we had a bit of a false labor situation, but nothing major.

So, around 1:15 or so this morning, Karla wakes me up and she's like, "I think I'm having contractions," and long story short, by 2:00 or so we're headed to the hospital (that’s me, Karla, my mother and the Stinker). She gets admitted and put in a room and they monitor her for awhile and sure enough, she's having contractions. About 30 or so minutes into this, the nurse is like, "Well, he's not moving around like I'd like to see, so we're gonna hook you up to an IV," and they do and just before they do, he starts moving around like crazy (typical kid) but they went ahead anyway and longer story short, everything looks great, but the contractions are too sporadic and far apart to actually be labor (they’d been about 4 minutes at the house, but were between 4 and 15ish at the hospital), plus she's still not quite dilated a full centimeter. We left around 6:00, got some McDonald's, headed home and were in bed by 7:00. I got up around noon, Karla was soon to follow catching her sister up and my mom just now got up.

Breaking news…Dr. Sally (aka Karla’s sister, who in an RN) says that their concern at the hospital was that he wasn’t responding in turn to the contractions, which means he may have been under stress, etc. Of course he was only foolin’.

I have to say that this false alarm has made Karla feel more comfortable about what a contraction feels like as opposed to Braxton Hicks (see picture below). Also, we totally got our jazz together and out the door in a speedy and efficient manner, so preparation totally pays off (for all of you non-parented folks out there, like all two of you).

This experience has brought about two new slogans, as follows:

If there ain’t no crown, we don’t go downtown.

If he ain’t crownin’, I’ll be a-frownin’.

And that’s that. We have an ultrasound with an appointment to follow on Monday (the due date) and we’ll see what’s going on from there. Will we be having this baby soon? All signs point to yes, but we’ve been saying that for two weeks and we may be another two weeks out. That’s the reality of it.


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