Thursday, January 29, 2009

First doctor's visit...

I don't know nuthin' 'bout no pacie...

Well, today was Fox’s first trip out of the house and straight to the doctor’s office. It was close to feeding time when we had to leave and he started to get a bit fussy, but settled down as soon as he got strapped in the car. We thought Dr. Leeper was fantastic – friendly, easy going, funny and, most importantly, he knew his stuff. Fox didn’t cry much at all during the exam and checked out A-OK, is back up to his birth weight and is where he should be in all things important for a two-week-older. The only thing that freaked us out a bit was when the doc was pushing around on his chest and casually mentioned that he was…are you sitting down? You may want to go get a stiff drink. Don’t have access? Ok, at least don’t be sipping anything when you read this…. He’s making his own milk! The doc squeezed a little out of his right nipple. That was a jaw-dropper. But that’s entirely normal, and just him secreting Karla’s hormones, same as what causes the little red acne-like bumps on his face. I’ve since found out that this is called Witch’s Milk. Who knew???

He'p! Dis baby's got me by da th'oat!

Speaking of milk…he’s feeding nearly constantly these days. Or it seems like it, and more to Karla than to me. Poor kid, she’s usually frazzled by about 8:00 and then rallies and carries on again until about midnight or 1:00. She’ll be getting her sergeant’s stripes next week. Fox is still on breast milk and Karla pumps between feedings. We’re using a syringe when he’s not on the boob, which is no fun and a bit airy, but gets the job done. We want to try and hold out at least another week (or two) before trying the bottle, but won’t go past that as the doc told us he may have a very difficult time taking a bottle if we wait as long as two months. Complicated? Yes.

I'm still just a rat in a caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage!!!!!

After the check up we swung by Old Navy and picked up some new outfits for him (well, Karla did, Fox and I stayed in the car and listened to Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” album), and then swung by the store where I ran in and grabbed some more diapers. Right now we’re digging the Huggies N up to 10 lbs ‘cos they fit well and have the little yellow stripe that turns green when he springs a leak. But boy, diapers are expensive!

Speaking of springing a leak… Two days ago whilst changing him, Karla got her first experience with the water monster. Good for her, most of it got on the couch, which isn’t good for the couch, but that’s why they make cleaning supplies. And then yesterday, whilst changing him yet again, he pooped on the couch…twice. Nothing major, but again, thank goodness for modern cleaning supplies. I was at the controls that time and just had to get up and let mama take over. Am I a coward? Yes. I tell ya, all that money for a changing table and I think we’ve used it three times. It’s the American way!

Rock star posin'

Other than that things have been going pretty well. He’s feeding a lot and sleeping a lot…except for at night of course when we’d like to be asleep ourselves. But the past few evenings he’s been better and mainly lets us sleep at four or five hour stretches starting around 1am or 2am. We’re looking forward to that magic one month point when everything “gets better.” But really, he’s a totally great kid and his cuteness makes up for when he’s a little less than agreeable.

Also, while I have you on the horn, I want to say thank you yet again to all the folks who have dropped off food and come to see the critter over the past week or so. You’re the tops and we’re blessed to have you all around.

Ok, have a good one!

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Laura said...

Way to go Karla. Hard work paying off getting Fox back up to his birth weight.