Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Man, we're lousy at this...

I just realized it’s been a month since our last post, and while not too terribly much is going on, there are some things we can report on.

First off, Karla was tested for gestational diabetes (wow, I had no idea I could spell either one of those words), and the first test came back positive. So, this past Monday she took the three hour test and man, they really did a number on her arms trying to find enough veins to tap for the procedure. No results yet but they should be in any day now. My cousin Amy, due in December, said she got a positive on the quick one and a negative on the long one, so we’re hopeful that Karla will get the same results. So stay posted for those and maybe we’ll put them up before the baby is born.

The baby’s room is now fully functional; we can blow up planets and everything with it. Putting up the curtains was a test in “we’re trying not to use those words any more,” which I got about a C+ and Karla a strong A- (overachiever). The decorations are still in the works, but if the funny little frog decides to make an early appearance, we’ll be able to accommodate at Hotel What Up.

Karla has been feeling better in general lately, possibly/probably due to some iron supplements she started taking a few weeks back. The baby kicks a lot more but never seems to do it when I’ve got my hand on her belly, and believe me, that has been noted and will go on his permanent record (queue Violent Femmes). Also, he’s been responsive to music, so Karla was walking around the house last night with headphones wrapped around her tummy, blasting Travis “The Man Who,” which I’m sure he liked but it’s no Echo and the Bunnymen. Am I right? Anyone?

What else… Oh yeah, we got the glider in. Since the couch is murder for Karla, we’re keeping it downstairs until the baby is born. Getting it upstairs will be another test of words not to use. I know this because I failed said test trying to just get the thing in the house. But it is rather comfy and plush and fit for a Gladstone.

Other than that, things are pretty much normal. I wonder how much different “normal” will be one year from now?

Aight, WG out!

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wagners-of-rock said...

if i may quote WG on the birth of Eowyn Palace Wagner, "welcome to the new normal".