Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm going to pretend that it's 7:45PM last Monday and I'm dutifully updating our blog complete with scans of the ultrasound and the results of the exam. So, with that in mind… Things went really well and we found out that we're having a little boy, which made us laugh when she told us because about 95% of everyone we know has said we're having a boy and of course we were saying we wanted a girl. But really what we want is a healthy and happy baby and the way it takes a leak is totally irrelevant. So all you gals having little girls in the near future or with daughters within a three year range…game on.

We're going to name him Bono and I think you all know why and if you don't, ask Clay Satterfield and maybe he'll send you his doctoral thesis Bono is Awesome and Here is Why. It's been strange and exiting actually referring to the baby as "he," which gives everything a much more personal and realistic quality, making him feel more like part of the family rather than some abstract idea which may or may not be truly happening.

And now back in real time, it was a busy Labor Day preparing for Mr. Vox (that's Bono's last name) and we FINALLY got everything moved out of his room (well, ok, not the closet…Karla, that's your territory), which enabled us to give it a good vacuuming and a once over with the wet/dry vac as well. Karla decided that all the room really needed was a touch up and not a full scale paint job. I guess we'll go that route and then see what we think. We plan on assembling the crib, etc sometime this week and trying out our first idea for an arrangement. Stay tuned for pix of the progress once we get further with that.

We also spent some time (and money) with getting the new office/playroom/hang out room/studio/disco up to speed and it's starting to take some shape though is still far too chaotic at this point for any photos. Part of the chaos is due to Ikea, who are currently on my "do not trade with" list. I think I've complained most to Sarah about this so go to her for details 'cos this is a happy place.

I'm not sure when Karla's next appointment is but I'm guessing it's pretty soon. She's been feeling much, much better lately. Her cold finally, finally went away (three weeks) and her heart has only acted up in stressful situations (like driving through CRAZY Cincinnati traffic this past Friday). She's had pretty good energy and a pretty normal appetite, no real cravings and not even really a lot of issues needing to hit the can every 20 minutes, maybe once during the night if that. The baby moves around quite a bit she says but not enough where I can feel him yet, though I do put my mouth up to her tummy and sing Bowie, you know, "Ground control to Major Tom…"

Wow, this is really happening. Eek!

I've found a bunch of old, old pix in the rearranging process and your bonus for this session is one of myself and M Andrews at J and KC Smith's wedding way back in June 00…just a couple of 20-something swingers (you did know Michael was a swinger, right?).

Until the next time...


lovely dear juanita said...

These are great! I love how clear the photos turned out. It was really cool when we could see something other than a chicken/peanut/bean. Very surreal.

Karla I'm glad you're feeling better you've certainly been going through it lately!

wagners-of-rock said...

too much to comment on in this blog...will have to do it in person. just this, glad Karla is feeling better, the baby looks fantastic, and we can't wait to see you guys.