Sunday, August 17, 2008

Place Yer Bets

So the big question lately is of course, “What are you having?” A chipmunk, yo. I think right now it is about the size of a chipmunk. Seven inches? Something like that. I know that as of this week we begin measuring shim* from head to toe instead of head to rump (and Karla thinks I don’t pay attention). Anyway, right after we tell the asker we don’t know yet, they give us their opinion as to boy or girl. I think I’ve mentioned on here that we’ve both wanted and felt like we’re having a girl. Aside from a couple of online Chinese astrological quizzes that Karla has taken, there is really no scientific or logical basis for the latter, it’s just what we’ve been feeling. However, nearly everyone has told us they think we’re having a boy and considering every other pregnant gal we know is having a girl, the law of the ratio would dictate that we are having a boy. Right? Probably not.

I’m curious to know what YOU think. Some of you have already told us, but let’s get it down on permanent record. So roll some dice, draw straws, flip a coin, consult the stars, do do that voodoo that you do so well or just go with your gut. The results will be in on Monday, August 25 and the winners get bragging rights. Is there anything better? Effrin just told me he thinks it’s a girl, so you folks all pack it in and go with that ‘cos I’ve never known him to be wrong in matters of this kind.

*Shim is a pronoun blend of she/him/her/he, etc. Did anyone else have Dr. Johnson at Lipscomb and if so, do they remember how he’d come up with those unisex pronouns on his assignment instructions? That man was a revolutionary.


lovely dear juanita said...

i'll vote girl. i can't believe you guys are already finding out! we'll know in another 2-1/2 months!
(the godby's)

Sarah said...

girl. i'm pretty confident since i've already bought something that is technically for a boy.
sarah :)

osj said...

i have to go with michelle. it's gonna be a girl.


Kat said...

Girl!! Or boy who wears a dress. :)

I love the room color by the way! What brand of paint is that?

Aimee said...

I'll say boy since everyone else is saying girl. But I'm always wrong about these things. We thought Lucy would be a boy.

Karla said...

Well, also I've had dreams of a girl but who knows what that all means.

Thanks, Kat! It's Behr - got it at Home Depot.


Laura said...

I had dreams of a girl when I was pregnant, but as you know we got a boy. I vote girl in spite of that.

msp said...

mark me down for "dude" since karla plays the right amount of video games... Especially if you consider non-Euclidian space.


wagners-of-rock said...

come over here with a string from wil's baby blanket, or a strand of your hair would work, and your wedding ring. we'll figure it out the "scientific" way.

lovely dear juanita said...

So...when do we get to the see the photo? did you try the needle and thread thing yet (or ring if you play it that way)