Sunday, March 8, 2009


It's been awhile since I've posted - been busy being a new mommy and just soaking it all in. After reading the blog on baby Jonah, I felt like I should update our blog. Please keep them in your prayers - as I can only imagine the fear and heartache they are feeling right now. Through God all things are possible.

Fox just discovered he has hands this week. I guess that's his newest milestone. He usually just lifts one fist up in front of his face and holds it there for awhile - so completely enthralled. I know his arm has to get tired after doing that for awhile.

Sorry for the short post but I just wanted to say I am so thankful for our little one! I feel blessed and so happy to have him in our lives. I feel like he's enriched our lives for the better. And to think, William and I considered never having kids. Even this early on, I can't imagine not having Fox in our lives. Okay, enough gushing. I guess I'm a bit emotional after reading about baby Jonah.

Goodnight, sleep tight!

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Laura said...

You know I feel the same way. So grateful for a healthy child. Makes you want to hung them extra tight every day.

That's a great looking quilt that Fox is laying on.