Thursday, February 12, 2009

First time outside!

Since Sunday was such a fantastic day we decided to go on a walk for our first family outing. Fox slept most of the time but we got a few shots of him enjoying the inside of his stroller. Woo-hoo!!!

It’s amazing how wariness changes with the little one in tow. We were out at Crocket Park in Brentwood and it was loaded with folks with the same idea we had. I’ve jogged out there about a thousand times and I’m always on the lookout for kids on bikes and dogs on leashes and dweebs in general who may not be mindful of me coming up behind them or around a blind curve. Sometimes it’s like a fun obstacle course, you know, keeping me on my toes. But now that Fox is out with us it’s an entirely different game and I found myself getting a little indignant with people on bikes coming up too fast or not getting over far enough. I was convinced that every new approach was going to end in collision. Though there was one instance where we had to sort of skirt off the track, we made it about two miles unscathed and better for the fresh air. But next time I’m bringing my gat.

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