Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 14 Visit

We had another doc's visit this past Monday. We were running late and the traffic wasn't helping, but we got there with about a minute to spare. The waiting room was jam packed and I figured we had a long wait ahead of us, however, I was pleasantly mistaken when we were called back about two minutes after sitting down. Dr. D was as perky and pleasant as ever and after a quick peak under the hood and another listen at the heartbeat (which she had to search for...I guess the Funny Little Frog was out for a soda), she answered some of our trying questions about if Karla can get her hair died and eat soft cheeses. I know I was on the edge of my seat. So, everything is still looking good and our next visit is in about a month, with our next ultrasound in about six weeks...where we'll find out the make of this here critter! I'm sure we've told everyone that we're hoping for a girl, so let's all keep our fingers crossed and when it ends up being a boy, we can all laugh at the whimsy of life.

Also, Cocteau Twins' 1996 swan song "Milk and Kisses" really isn't a bad album despite what I thought in 1996. Go check it out. And isn't it funny that the album cover looks a lot like our Funny Little Frog (see previous blogs for reference)?

And finally, I've attached a picture of Pye, our old and cranky cat who is about to be transferred to FL to live with my mom because of the baby (I'm sure you know that cat's will suck the soul out of a baby). She was pouting during her vet visit last week and I just had to share since it's somewhat related.


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wagners-of-rock said...

i haven't been commenting, but i HAVE been reading.
we are excited, and can't wait.